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Fare Changes from February 11th, 2018

Auckland Transport will be increasing their fares from February 11th, 2018.  Please check here to see whether your zone has been increased.  https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/fares-discounts/bus-train-fares/


Revised timetables from February 19th, 2018

From February 19th, 2018 there will be a revised timetable.  We will also be introducing Double Deckers into the 955 Bayview routes.  Please keep an eye out on Auckland Transport's website for revised timetables over the next couple of weeks https://at.govt.nz/pttimetables


AT Hop Card

Birkenhead Transport Ltd is now live with the new AT HOP system.  More information regarding the AT HOP card : athop.co.nz

New Buses

New Buses

During the first half of 2015 we introduced 5 new service buses to the fleet, two MAN 16.250, two axle, 42 seat buses (numbers 44, and 75), and three MAN 18.290 three axle, 47 seat buses ( numbers 72, 73, and 76). All of these buses conform to the strict Euro 5 emission standards set by the NZ Government and will be utilised on additional services during the morning and evening peak hours to assist us to meet the increased frequency of trips on the new timetables. We have also added to the fleet a new Isuzu Charter Coach / School Bus to cater for the increasing number of school charters. 

Destination Signs

We have recently updated the electronic destination signs on our buses and they now describe more fully the service that the bus is operating. For instance CITY has now become  AUCKLAND–VICTORIA ST, the return trip from Auckland University now shows BEACH HAVEN WHARF-VERBENA ROAD-STAFFORD ROAD-ALL STOPS, while the 915 service from Takapuna to Bayview becomes GLENFIELD SHOPS-SMALES STATION-BAYVIEW CONNECTION. School bus services are also being revamped with the signs displaying the official Auckland Transport school route number and the destination to assist pupils to catch their correct bus. These changes are another part of our ongoing endeavours to provide a better service for our customers.